Hell in a fuckin handbasket

Okay so, like: last year I thought hey, maybe I should restart that old blog, hey? And then COVID happened and *vague gestures* all that shit, so my time mostly was being taken up with:

  • getting back to Australia
  • doing my level best not to drive the old man to an early grave while occupying his spare room (sorry dad)
  • obtaining a job in the middle of a genuine global pandemic (fixed term, short term, fulltime casual? It’s not pretty, but you take what you can get)
  • getting a rental and my shit out of storage
  • lockdown in a town where I don’t know anyone except the aforementioned old man

and then suddenly it was Christmas already. What?

But, you know, new year new me and all that shit. I actually had one (1) post up here from last year all ready for me to play with on what I THOUGHT would be a pretty nice and brief couple of months off.

Oh well. I’m here now. Also, the earth is burning. The American president is a nutter supported by a weird cult who right this very moment are doing their fully-fledged domestic terrorists act live on international television. The UK prime minister LARPs as a lovable buffoon while gambling with his constituents’ lives. The Australian prime minister is a slimy prick who pretends to be the nation’s dorky dad while locking up literal children and filling the nation’s cabinet with his fellow Pentecostals.

I fucking hate this world right now. I hate it. I have no idea what to do about it. I’d vent on social media but it’s filled with shitgoblins and my drinking buddies are sick of hearing me talk about it, so.