Author: missp

  • Scott Morrison has COVID

    Already we’re seeing a few of đź’§drip twitterđź’§ spreading the word that it’s a scam designed to garner empathy from the voters. You really don’t need to cook up a conspiracy theory for that, though, since it’s kind of inevitable that some voters are going to simp for Daggy Dad Scott and his loving family […]

  • Pay your own way, flooded families

    Hi from Queensland. So here we are in the middle of what’s one of the scariest weather events I’ve ever lived through, with damage going absolutely everywhere, mud and dirt and christ knows what delights from the drains all over the place. Naturally people are going to need a little bit of help BUT OH! […]

  • Nobody owes you a smile

    Last week we were treated to some amazing footage of Grace Tame, the former Australian of the Year, dishing up what may well be the best and filthiest side eye we will see in our lifetimes. I’m talking a once-in-a-hundred-years display of sheer gofuckyaself: Naturally a lot of crybaby men went on the attack about […]

  • Happy new fucking year, everyone

    Every year I add this to my list of resolutions and every year I kind of get overwhelmed by Starting Shit Syndrome but you know what? Fuck it, I can’t be bothered starting with a big intro. So hi. There’s a big fat fucking pandemic and the government is pretty fucked and there’s a courthouse […]